[Rumor] Anonymous hacks facebook?


Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social networking websites on which we are relying too much in our life are the next target of Anonymous. Anonymous got angry when their Twitter account @opindia_revenge was suspended by twitter they gave all a warning by hacking facebook for one minute. Anonymous made facebook page to redirect this page. Anonymous wants nothing but this:

Anonymous hacks facebook

Still no one listening to them and media as we all know which reaches to every bit of news is not even covering a single point about Operation India by Anonymous. Yesterday around 11:30 pm facebook was totally screwed by the Anonymous group and the site was redirected to their message where they have something to say to Public, Media, Opposition, and Government:

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded”]We give you 24Hours at maximum to give our twitter account back and apologize Give @OpIndia_Revenge BACK, IF NOT We will unleash hell and shiver on you.[/box]

So many people noticed this redirection of facebook as like Chetan Soni, an ethical hacker. He faced the situation lst night and even discussed with fb people. Anyone if having doubt please visit his profile or check here. So Netizens get ready as anytime we can lose our favorite social networking and its all because of our government, and we must not be shocked by this as it was actually going to happen as government was ready to block these too. So what your say on Anonymous hacks facebook ?


As after chatting with anonymous on there IRC Chat server I came to know that Facebook was not hacked by them and not they tried. The problem with the redirection of page while user tried to login to facebook came because of Reliance Net Filter got defaced by Anonymous. Reliance server was hacked by Anonymous to reveal the sites which are blocked by Reliance. So it was a rumor that anonymous hacks faceboook. :)

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