Suhel Seth in favor of Stopping Internet Censorship


Suhel Seth, managing partner of Counselage India and founder of Equus is in favor of the protest against censorship. Government of India started to censor the Internet and wants to block the freedom of speech of Indian public not only physically but on web also. Indian public so much bound by the government rules that now we can’t even think of posting an article online or we can’t even think of reading some news about government if it is showing us the truth behind the scene. Internet Censorship came to India when the truth of government and many other business people was opened in front of public with the help of Internet. As the fire spread in jungle in the same way Internet spreads every word, every line, every pic all over the world in seconds and all will know the truth. In earlier days if any scam happens or any wrong is down by government remains known to a limited persons. But today Internet is the medium where news spreads to everyone and truth comes in front of us. This what happens is not digestible to GOI and so they decide to censor the Internet. Lots of websites, facebook pages, wiki pages, twitter accounts and other social network links are blocked because of censorship from the government.

Anonymous came into picture so as to Stop Internet Censorship and no other person was in support not even media (they were not even covering the news of protest). Suhel Seth, a well know for his forthright views on his regular appearance on television shows comes forward in protest of internet censorship. Suhel Seth believes in the idea that free speech is our birth right.

Suhel Seth ( has expressed his views and opinions in a video on YouTube where he is talking about the Internet Censorship and is totally against it. Watch the video Getting Real With Suhel:

So are you ready for the protest or ready for the Internet Censorship which will snatch your freedom of speech. Raise your voice not violence and favor the non-violent protest in India in your city. Stop Internet Censorship.

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