World IPv6 launch day; time to say goodbye to IPv4


Internet is growing at a very fast pace and each moment new devices are being added where more others are ready to step in to this. Where today’s Internet devices rely on IPv4 address to communicate with each other but in coming future IPv4 is going to exhausted as there will be shortage of IPv4 address. That’s why World IPv6 Launch is organized. In 1973 Internet was born and so then in 1983 it came into picture. At that time Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist never thought of extinction of IPv4 in near future. He then implemented IPv4 successfully which is running smoothly today.

World IPv6 Launch

IPv4 is able to cover 4.3 billion addresses but this is not enough capable to address more than this digit. and there will be need of more address space. In 1996, IPv6 was introduced which expands the limit of addresses to 2^128 which is more than 340 trillion, trillion, trillion !. And that’s the solution for the IPv4 address shortage, a never ending address space and implementation of IPv6 solves the issue of IPv4 address space extinction.

An IPv4 address looks like which is a 32 bits ( 4 x 8 ) or 4 bytes address whereas IPv6 is a 128 bits address or 16 octets which looks like 2012:0ADB:CA20:DE01:0000:0000:0000:0000. Both are running smoothly in parallel all over the world as from today onwards Internest system is shifting to IPv6. If it goes perfect then nobody will know the shifting but you face a delay in finding a compatible path which may take more times than usual.

Today, June 6 is World IPv6 launch which is coordinated by the Internet Society. Google, all ISPs and many MNCs are participating into it by migrating to IPv6 from IPv4. Before going completely into IPv6, initially both IPv4 and IPv6 will ran into parallel. Google is one of the founding participants and virtually all Google’s services have been available over IPv6 for a while. This IPv6 transition was only available to networks participating in the “Google over IPv6” program. IPv6 is an opportunity to a new era, 21st century Internet and we must welcome this as a new ray of sunshine. Try to learn and slowly shift towards IPv6 from Ipv4.

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