Firefox 13 released with new Home Page


Mozilla corporation has released Firefox 13 officially and available for download on its servers. Firefox 13 is a major release that contains various new features like revamped home page, tab pages, tabs on demand and a new Reset Firefox feature.

Out of these the new Home page is in wind, you can access it by typing about:home in address bar which provides the ability to create their own customized home page, with shortcuts to bookmarks, downloads, add-ons, history, sync, settings and restore the previous session. You can also pin the home page as an app for the quick and easy access.

In addition to this, the New Tab page is pretty much similar to Google Chrome and Opera web browser which maintains the thumbnails of most frequently visited websites and gets populated as soon as you browse more. These can be pinned permanently and removed from the list too. If you don’t like New Tab feature then restore back to the conventional screen using the Show/Hide button placed in top-right of screen.

“Tabs on demand” feature speeds up browser startup by only loading tabs stored from the previous session when user clicks them.

The new Reset Firefox feature that can be accessible typing about:support into the address bar. Using Reset Firefox feature, you can fix major problems automatically in a single click. It creates a new profile and migrates all the key data including bookmarks, history passwords to the new one.

As usual Firefox 13 is free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

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