Open Letter from Anonymous to You


Anonymous is always clear about their aim, motive and everything they say. As they are not any organization, nor they have any leader so there is no conflict in their voices. It’s all about United by One, Divided by Zero. Anonymous has been writing letter (in past) to government or to any other body against which protest is going on. Read the open letter from Anonymous to Government of India, Journalist, Reporters and Bloggers.

This Open Letter is been written before the nation wide protest which is going to happen on June 9, 2012 (Saturday). It’ll happen in many cities in India and before the protest starts Anonymous wants to read the letter. In their letter which is meant for Journalists, Reporters and Bloggers they are talking about the Freedom of Speech and Expression over the Internet. This is a peaceful protest and Anonymous needs from everyone to show the truth behind the protest, why this is happening. If people are rising from every part of the country then there must be a solid reason behind it and that reason must be uncovered in-front of the nation. If the Internet Censorship will go on this way then in no time India will become as C

hina is now. Open Letter to Government | Open Letter to Journalists, Reporters and Bloggers.

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