Bill Gates rules out return to Microsoft and said “Windows 8 combines the best of tablet with PC”

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, former chief executive and current chairman of Microsoft again reiterated that he has no plan to return to Microsoft. Currently Gates is in UAE and opened the Abu Dhabi Media Summit 2012 today where he spoke about the philanthropic work that is currently going on at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Bill Gates also stated that he only gives 15% of his time to Microsoft as the company’s chairman and he will continue his rest of the life with Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. On asking about his return like Steve Jobs, Gates responded

Steve Jobs did a phenomenal piece of work. Apple, most people would have expected, were on their way going out of business. He had run Apple since it was a tiny company and then he came back in and made incredibly valuable. It’s a phenomenal business story and I thought Walter Isaacson did a good job catching that in the book. Steve and I were friends, competitors – we were a lot of different things. It was amazing what he did.

I’m now committed full time to my foundation work and I give about 15% of my time as Chairman of Microsoft. Microsoft is moving ahead with Windows 8 that combines the best of tablet with PC. This month the very first hardware based on that idea including Microsoft’s own Surface will ship. So there’s a lot of exciting stuff ahead in software and I didn’t retire from Microsoft because I thought things were getting boring. In fact a lot of best ideas- the vision of artificial intelligence and robots are still ahead but i did decide the philanthropic world was where my contribution would be more unique and so thats what I’ll work on full time for the rest of my life.

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