iPad mini price list leaked! Are these real?

iPad Mini

Apple hasn’t confirmed the existence of the smaller version of iPad yet but following the chain of the leaks, today a German website claimed to receive a leaked iPad mini price list for different models, that comes from German retailer Media Market.

The leaked image include Euro-based models of iPad that are as follows

249€: Apple iPad mini 8 GB WLAN
349€: Apple iPad mini 8 GB WLAN and UMTS
349€: Apple iPad mini 16 GB Wi-Fi
449€: Apple iPad mini 16 GB Wi-Fi and UMTS
449€: Apple iPad mini 32 GB Wi-Fi
549€: Apple iPad mini 32 GB Wi-Fi and UMTS
549€: Apple iPad mini 64 GB Wi-Fi
649€: Apple iPad mini 64 GB Wi-Fi and UMTS

iPad Mini Price

Apple iPad Mini leaked price list

If leaked price list is to be believed, 259€ would be a sweet spot against its competitors Amazon and Google. Surprisingly, these images also confirmed that iPad mini is going to have UMTS but not LTE.

Reportedly iPad mini to feature a 7.85-inch liquid crystal display, lightning connector and thinner as compare to current iPad.

You can check out iPad mini images that were leaked on twitter last week. The rumors are circulating that it will arrive in the beginning of November while the company is very likely to unveil iPad mini on October 23rd in an invitation-only event at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium.

Source: Mobile Geeks

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