Microsoft: 630m Windows 7 licenses sold

Windows 7 Desktop

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc has reiterated Tami’s words that the company has now sold more than 630 million licenses, a phenomenal number since Windows 7 was launched back in late 2009. The latest stats have been shared along with the announcement of Windows 8 GA at WPC 2012.

Windows 7 has been the most successful platform for Microsoft to-date but as Windows 8 is approaching; everyone may be expecting Windows 7 sales to go down. But this is not the case – Windows 7 is still doing nicely and boosting fiscal track of the company.

Recently Microsoft announced Windows 8 Pro upgrade offer for existing consumers of Windows XP and above for just $39.99 in 131 markets once the new Windows OS version becomes available, and it will surely rejoice everyone.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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