Joe Belfiore the man behind Windows Phone 8 admits, he uses Android


What if we tell you that the Manager of Windows Phone Program at Microsoft himself carries a Samsung Galaxy S3? It is hard to believe, but Joe Belfiore, the man behind Windows Phone 8 has accepted that he uses the Android based rival smartphone. Not only this, the former President of the Windows Division, Steven Sinofsky was recently caught using an iPhone.

So what is making these important people at Microsoft using rival’s products? Do they believe the products they make are not good enough to be used by themselves? In a clarification blog posted by Steven Sinofsky, he stated using competitor products is the best way to know what they are up against.

In an interesting conversation at Facebook, Joe Belfiore stated,

I’ve been carrying a Samsung Galaxy S3 for about a month…  I *couldn’t agree more* with what Steven wrote here. Only if you REALLY LIVE the whole product do you get why people like it, stick to it, choose it in the first place .. and what you can do that’s better.

Learning from the competitor’s products and then try to beat them seems to be the new strategy of the Redmond giant. We have to sit and watch how this will help the company in the long run.

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