Anonymous defaced 35 government websites


Last night Anonymous’s OpIndia twitter account @opindia_revenge was suspended so in return anonymous defaced 35 government websites in a single night. It’s not right to stop voice of public and its also not acceptable that you block or suspend some user’s account on speaking truth. But Indian government is doing all this crappy shit silently and also suppressing Indian Media from covering the news about #OpIndia movement. Websites so defaced are set with a message of Anonymous and the #OpIndia movement video by them:

You can see the defaced websites list and the message so put on them by Anonymous from here:

Anonymous are United by one but divided by zero. They are among us but headless as we can point out on anyone as Anonymous. Operation India Engaged is pacing up and a new video is released by them which makes an appeal to India people for joining them. Anonymous wants from public to join the revolution on June 9, 2012. Watch the video and then think:

Reliance Bigcinemas was defaced and their data was leaked online and then suddenly the twitter account was suspended so it was not possible to maintain updates of Operation India action for Anonymous with this account, but they are back with a new twitter handle @opindia_back or for more latest update please visit You can also stay tuned for the complete news of the above at binlogs.

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