Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 now available in India

Nokia Lumia 920

Underlining its commitment to its Indian consumers, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia opens up in India with its Windows Phone devices Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. Both devices will be available in black, yellow, red, white, and cyan colors. As of today, selected stores in major cities and online retailers in India will start selling […]

Apple is planning to open retail stores in India

Apple Store in Tokyo

Apple is planning to open retail stores in India, but with the current FDI norms company may hold back its plan. According to the current FDI norms, it makes compulsory for every foreign retailers to source 30 percent of their product sales from the local companies, which could be a major problem for Apple because company’s products […]

[Rumor] Anonymous hacks facebook?


Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social networking websites on which we are relying too much in our life are the next target of Anonymous. Anonymous got angry when their Twitter account @opindia_revenge was suspended by twitter they gave all a warning by hacking facebook for one minute. Anonymous made facebook page to redirect this page. […]

Occupy India protest for Internet Freedom by Anonymous


Anonymous are known as the best hackers in the world with no face and no body knows their identity but they are also known for their protests as Occupy Chicago, Occupy Wall Street and in the same way in India they started a protest Occupy India. Occupy India is upcoming event in India on Saturday, […]

[Update] Anonymous reached RBI server


[Update] Anonymous not only took down the RBI ( site but they reached the server of RBI easily. TOI posted one article about the attack on the RBI server and reported that an attempt was made to deface the site but hackers were not successful in there operation. RBI spokesperson said “It was a DNS […]

Anonymous defaced 35 government websites


Last night Anonymous’s OpIndia twitter account @opindia_revenge was suspended so in return anonymous defaced 35 government websites in a single night. It’s not right to stop voice of public and its also not acceptable that you block or suspend some user’s account on speaking truth. But Indian government is doing all this crappy shit silently and […]

Reliance Bigcinemas hacked by Anonymous


Anonymous is continuously protesting against the Internet Censorship and daily they are taking down Indian govt. websites. Anonymous recently defaced the website of Reliance and also leaked the list of website so to be blocked as per Government order. Reliance’s Bigcinemas is targeted and hacked by group Anonymous. If someone missed out the fun here […]

Anonymous revenge continues, new video released


Anonymous is fighting for the Internet Censorship being forcibly implemented in Indian Public by Indian Government. They started this “Freedom of Speech” fight weeks ago but no one wants to get in their support and even media not want to cover this news. Anonymous left a message for the Indians and its government which has […]